Full Stack Web & Mobile

Who I Am

I am a versatile and resourceful engineer driven to write scalable and maintainable code. I bring a variety of experience and skills to be able to work effortlessly in cross-functional teams. My background as an iOS instructor and health teacher has cultivated my communication and collaboration skills. I am motivated to work with a passionate team on a product with positive social impact.


  • Abeer is a pleasure to work with; he has great in-depth knowledge of mobile development and clearly articulates complex challenges. As his manager for the mobile team I really appreciated his ability to listen and receive feedback. When an issue would pop up Abeer was a team player. I would highly recommend Abeer to anyone looking for mobile development.

    Chris Abrams
    Senior Engineering Manager
    @ GoDaddy
  • Abeer's passion for programming, clear communication, and a positive attitude made him a great teammate. He's always looking to learn, better himself and the codebases that he's working on. If that's taking a lunch to explain how transducers work to his teammates or break down similar business logic that he's implemented.

    Abeer's deep technical knowledge, ability to pick up just about any technology and positive attitude will be an asset to any team looking to build a strong engineering culture.

    Benjamin Schachter
    Software Engineer
    @ WeWork
  • Magfurul’s knowledge of computer science programs and expertise in programming languages was a huge advantage for his students and other staff members. He would not only teach his own students, but would regularly assist other staff members to solve problems and to create the best experience for everyone. He communicated with myself, other staff, and students to cooperatively solve problems.

    Sean Conley
    Curriculum Designer
    @ iD Tech Camps

Get In Touch

Have a position you’d like to suggest? Want to discuss potential project collaboration? Just want to say hi? Feel free to reach out using this form. I respond to most e-mails in about 1-2 days.

New York, NY