Udacity Deadline Email

My Role:
May 2019 - May 2019
Tech Stack:
Zurb Foundation for Emails
Feature Image

The Brief

A Udacity HTML Email clone. The focus is on getting the customer to enroll into one of the featured programs. The email consists of a short hero text at the top with a logo, a call to action right under that, a 3x2 grid of programs with their own call to actions, a final call to action near the bottom, and lastly the content text.

How It Was Built

This HTML Email was built using the ZURB Foundation for Emails 2 Framework. By using this framework, all the HTML and inlined-CSS is highly-available among the majority of email clients. Sections such as the header and footer were separated into their own components and reused in another Udacity HTML Email Clone.

The Result

A Fully Responsive 1:1 Email Clone in Less Than 2 Hours

This email clone is a 1:1 pixel-perfect replica of the original email sent by Udacity. It is fully responsive and works well on the large majority of email clients. The turnaround was less than 2 hours.